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Your purchase today unlocked a $987 scholarship to the FULL Christian Leadership University School Of The Spirit where you’ll get 19 online courses valued at $1,782.00! This online school will change your life, but is only for those that are truly serious about the things of God…
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While waiting for an appointment, you could be learning how to interpret that dream you had last night. As you exercise, you could be learning how to exercise your mind unto godliness. During your morning devotions, you could be falling more deeply in love with your Lord while earning credits toward a college diploma.

You can complete Spirit-Life Modules from your laptop, tablet or smart phone, on your time schedule, following your passionate pursuit of God. We put a coach at your side and a chat room at your disposal. What more could you ask for? Millions have desired this training, and we are making it available to you NOW. It is the best of the best. It is the result of a lifetime of research, trial and error, and then successful implementation as we have combined cutting-edge Spirit-anointed proven messages from around the world.

The Christian Leadership University School of The Spirit includes 19 Training Modules designed to immerse you into the process and guide you every step of the way of living a Spirit-led lifestyle. You’ll get…

1. The Hearing God’s Voice Spirit-Life module helps you effortlessly connect with what God is saying.

2. The Counseled By God Spirit-Life module helps you hear the voice of the Wonderful Counselor to heal your fears, disappointments, and hurts.

3. The Prayers That Heal The Heart Spirit-Life module covers seven prayers which heal deep heart wounds granting total freedom.

4. The Hear God Through Your Dreams Spirit-Life module helps you discover how God counsels you at night through your dreams.

5. The Living Naturally Supernatural Spirit-Life module teaches you to live out of an awareness of Christ, always present with us and in us.

6. The How to Walk by The Spirit Spirit-Life module shows you exactly how anyone can walk as Jesus walked, by His very spirit.

7. The Parenting By Grace Spirit-Life module helps you train children to walk and live according to the Spirit.

8. The Be A Spirit-Anointed Teacher Spirit-Life module shows you how to teach in such a way that it brings transformation to people’s lives.

9. The Empowered by The Spirit Spirit-Life module covers the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, mountain moving faith and healing the sick.

10. The Take Charge Of Your Health Spirit-Life module shows you how you can live in vibrant health according to the Bible.

11. The Art of Biblical Meditation Spirit-Life module helps you experience the Scripture, alive, pulsating, quickened, every day.

12. Then you’ll also receive 8 Bible modules that helps you see the truth in each different part of the Bible. You’ll receive revelation after revelation and transformation after transformation going through these modules!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of everything that you’ll get in the School of the Spirit!

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have completely transformed every part of your life with the power of God… even if you seem completely stuck now?

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