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Money. We basically give our lives in exchange for it. Yet as Christians, many of us have a love-hate relationship with money. We know we need to earn enough to care for our families, but we can’t want it too much or it becomes an idol. Our entire theology about finances is built on the often (mis)quoted verse, “Money is the root of all evil.”

For proof, you just have to look at those crazy “prosperity people.” Those “name it, claim it” “blab it, grab it” heretics. Prosperity preachers are the worst, with their mansions and airplanes and diamonds, enticing their gullible followers to send them money they can’t afford with promises that doing so will get them their own goodies. That can’t be what God wants for us, can it?

But what is the alternative? Is it more spiritual to live in poverty than abundance? Does “living by faith” mean that you are always “on the edge of disaster in the midst of a miracle”? Does being poor mean God loves you more, or does it mean He’s punishing you? Does being rich mean God is blessing you, or that you are just greedy?

If we want to know the Truth about God’s view of money, prosperity, and poverty, we can and should go to the Scriptures and find out what He has said. So that is what Mark Virkler did, and what he will guide you in doing during this course. Our goal is not to convince you that our theology of money is the only right one. Rather, we want to make you aware of the full counsel of God and allow the Spirit to guide you into a personal theology of wealth that reflects His revelation and will for you.

Mark’s approach to every subject is to look up every verse he can find, meditate on it, and draw together the revelations he receives. So when he realized that he did not have a biblically sound theology of money, he used a computerized software program to pull together every verse in the Bible on gold, silver, money, tithe, giving, alms, blessing, curse, wealth, and poverty. He was amazed to discover that there were four times as many verses on these subjects combined as there are about faith or prayer! Clearly, this subject is important to God, so it should be important to us as well. And He didn’t want us to be ignorant of His will on the subject, but He wanted us to know His will and walk in it.

So get ready for an adventure of growth in knowledge and revelation that just might change your life!

Come Join the Group!

While you are taking this course, you may have questions about what you are learning, or you might want to get someone else’s input on what you believe you are hearing from the Lord. You might just want to talk with others who are on the same spiritual journey. We have created a special forum just for this purpose and you are invited to join. Stop by and make some new friends. Share what the Lord is speaking to you. Receive confirmation, adjustment and encouragement. Be an inspiration to others on the journey. Learning together is much more fun that doing it alone!

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