Why I created the Hearing God’s Voice E-Learning Module.

As you can tell by watching the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice videos, I am passionate about training people to confidently Hear God’s Voice. I know what it is like to be frustrated and doubt that you can hear directly from God. It look me years to discover the strategy and tools to hear God’s voice daily. I designed this E-Learning Module to pass on this knowledge so you can walk in daily communion with God, without having to invest the years that it took me. 

Benefits of Hearing God’s Voice
  • Increased Trust in God as He directs your path.
  • Stronger Faith to step into God’s plans for your life.
  • Deeper Love and Fellowship with God.
  • More Confidence to pursue your calling and dreams.
  • Healing and Transformation for your heart and life.

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice e-Learning Module

A 300-page ebook 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, which comes with daily exercises.


4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice – 10 sessions, approximately 60 minutes each. Can either Listen MP3 or watch MP4.

A 48-page LEARN e-workbook

Option to apply credits toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from Christian Leadership University ($100 value).

A comprehensive online lesson plan.

Coaching – Access to a members-only online chatroom


Printable Certificate of Completion as you finalize the module, awarding you five CEUs.

How the e-Learning Module works

Once you purchase the module, all of these electronic resources are instantly downloaded to your computer or smartphone, available for immediate access.
Lesson Plan
You then will follow the comprehensice online lesson plan which takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the whole process.
Read the ebook 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.
Listen or Watch
Listen or Watch the 10 sessions. Can be streamed or downloaded.
Follow along with the Learn e-workbook which corresponds with the MP3s and video downloads.
Access to a members-only online chatroom where my daughter and I will answer your questions and be a sounding board for your journaling.

Lives transformed by hearing God’s voice

Photo of Tara Tara Dulin, a prophetic worshipper, said her ability to see visions was “opened up” through these four keys and because of them she was able to step into her prophetic mantle.

Pastor Mike Rogers has discovered he can meet Jesus in heaven on a daily basis, and that Jesus will show him around as He speaks with him! This pastor even leads his congregation regularly into these throne room encounters. Mike led me into one of these heavenly adventures, and I now realize I can have these every day! We all can because the Bible says we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. So we learn to step into that reality, seeing it and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Don’t you love it? I taught Pastor Mike the four keys, then he turned around and showed me how they could take me places I had never gone in my walk with God. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

Photo of CherylNot only do my wife and children hear God’s voice and see visions, so does my granddaughter. She sees her two guardian angels on both sides of her and dialogues with them and knows their names. Seeing them present has removed the fear that was in her heart.

Another friend, Cheryl McKay Price, has written novels and screenplays for Hollywood movies, and she has shared with me that her skill in doing this came from reading through our book Dialogue With God  seven  times.

Read more testimonies here…

Wondering if Hearing God’s Voice is worth the investment?
How much is it worth to be able to hear God’s voice daily?
He is the best counselor in the universe, and He will counsel you FREE, every day (not $150/hour)! He offers wonderful counsel, healing, intimacy, creativity, guidance, protection and personal and interpersonal wholeness. How much is that worth?

Special One Time Bonus Offer

Purchase the Hearing God’s Voice e-Learning Module and Receive the Life of Christ Module Free.
Bonus Module Includes:

Through the Bible E-Workbook
Life of Christ Handbook
10 Life of Christ sessions (25 min. each)
5 CEUs
and more!

The Life of Christ will take what you have learned in the Hearing God’s Voice module and go even deeper by Scripture coming alive.

I am ready to make one of the best investments of my life

Special Bonus Offer
$198 $97 USD
2 e-Learning Modules for the Price of 1
Indefinite, full access to all the module content
30-day money-back guarantee
Real life transformation

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