Dual Enrollment Option

If I want to continue beyond a diploma to earning a degree with CLU, what is the process?The Diploma in Applied Spirituality may be accepted by CLU as 30 credits toward a Bachelor’s degree or 10 credits toward a Master’s or Doctoral degree. You may then order and complete a Life Experience Portfolio and/or submit transcripts from other colleges and schools. Once all these are evaluated, you may take courses directly from CLU to reach the necessary credits for your desired degree.   The Dual Enrollment Option Is Ideal for Those Pursuing a CLU DEGREE: Any student can request dual enrollment and have a CLU instructor assigned to them for any/each life module (additional $200 tuition fee per 3 credit course or $300 tuition per 4 credit course, plus the cost of any additional required course materials).

Now, while enjoying the companionship of your group, you are also enrolled in that same class directly with CLU. This means CLU provides you the full course syllabus, which requires extra assignments that you email to your CLU Instructor for grading, and you earn additional credits.The benefits of this are: 1) a more intense focus which causes deeper exploration into the course topics. This brings greater internalization and greater life transformation. 2) In addition, your completed course grade is added to your CLU transcript toward a CLU degree, rather than a CLU diploma. By taking all 18 modules as a dual enrolled CLU student, this would result in earning over 50 CLU credits toward an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.Since CLU Master’s and Doctoral degrees only require 40 credits, if you already have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (in any area), then dual enrollment will earn you either a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Ministry, Christian Counseling or Biblical Studies!

Steps of Action to Order a Dual School of the Spirit / CLU Enrollment for a Module

Step 1: If not yet enrolled in CLU, please complete a New Student Application Form and submit the one-time $100 enrollment fee.

Step 2: Submit the form below.

Dear CLU,

I have purchased the School of the Spirit module(s) noted below, and I am requesting dual enrollment with CLU for this module(s). Please charge my credit card which I have already submitted on my CLU New Student Enrollment Form. I understand the cost will be $200 tuition per 3 credit course (or $300 tuition per 4 credit course), plus the cost of any additional course materials and shipping.

Check the box for the course(s) you are ordering CLU dual enrollment:


Please ship course materials to:


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