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Ways to


Sign up by yourself, or with immediate family, your homegroup, or even through your church!
It works no matter what size of group you have.

Immediate family members

ages 13 and up living at the same address can join you in your studies with their own set of online resources and quizzes for only $99, for all 18 core modules! Nothing beats growing together as a family!

Enroll through your home group or church

Can I Offer These Courses as a School of the Spirit Through My Local Church?

Absolutely! Find out more here: How Can My Church Offer This School of the Spirit?

Choose individual modules or plan ahead for a diploma or certificate.

Enjoy the freedom of learning, one course at a time, in the order that inspiration strikes, or take advantage of the discount a bundle offers.

Enroll online:


Individual courses may be purchased using the hyperlinks here

Series of courses may be purchased here using the Order Here buttons

To enroll additional immediate family members into the entire diploma program for only $99 each, call us at 1.800.466.6961 or 716.681.4896 (int’l).

Start learning on your iPad, tablet, or computer.

Buy hard copies too, if you just have to have the feel of books in your hand. (We know how it is)

Follow the steps here to begin.

Watch your life get transformed!

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