What’s NEW and ADDED in the updated dreams training?


  • Hearing God Through Your DreamsMark Virkler and Charity Kayembe’s brand new 292 page best-selling book, Hearing God Through Your Dreams, which sold more than 3,000 copies in the first weeks after it was released!
  • Ten additional new video training sessions with Charity, plus additional new interactive sessions where you can watch six people interpret their dreams with Mark’s help.
    1 Bridges to the Supernatural 24 Minutes
    2 ABCs of Dream Work 24 Minutes
    3 Scriptural Precedents 24 Minutes
    4 Snapshots of the Spirit and Pictures & Parables 23 Minutes
    5 Fun Form of Dreams 22 Minutes
    6 Out of Our Heads, Into Our Hearts 21 Minutes
    7 Creativity & Personalized Dream Symbols 21 Minutes
    8 Why All Bad Dreams Aren’t 28 Minutes
    9 Dreams Children Dream 24 Minutes
    10 Practical Tips for Dream Work 22 Minutes
    SIX Interactive Interpretations with Dr. Virkler 8-10 min. each
  • Even more interactive assignments, quizzes and personal assessments in our brand new comprehensive online module available through CLU School of the Spirit. The totally revised module has been updated and expanded to a full 12 lessons, whereas the previous version had 5 lessons.

Exclusive savings for previous enrollees

Click here to go to your existing dreams module. (If you see the long story description with buttons to buy the module, you’ll need to click here to log in to your account.)

On the dreams module page, scroll down and you will find your $10 discount coupon code right above the Course Content table.

ALL the above is added to what we already considered one of the best training courses on dream interpretation in the world today!

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