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Never again will you say, “Emotions are soulish and need to be overruled”
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions
The kingdom of God is… peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom. 14:17)
For Jesus, the healing power of the Holy Spirit rode on the wings of compassion. Jesus, moved by compassion, healed the sick (Matt. 14:14). Emotion was the carrier wave of the Spirit’s power. Emotion! Really? WOW! This is a totally different view of emotion than is normally held. Maybe I need to change my mind completely about emotions. Maybe rather than emotions being soulish and unreliable, they are reliable when birthed by the Holy Spirit and they carry healing power. What do you think? Could miracles be this easy? Could I learn to release a healing, compassionate touch?
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Kingdom power rides on the waves of Kingdom emotions
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Do you have a theology concerning the role of kingdom emotions to release a miracle?
I sure didn’t. I just scorned emotions as being soulish. However, 37 years ago when I began hearing God’s voice through two-way journaling, He reminded me that Jesus, moved by compassion, healed (Matt. 14:14). So I accepted that there was a place for emotions. Intellectually I acknowledged the idea that I should not shut off emotions, and I began the process of learning to cultivate and accept Spirit-born emotions, or Kingdom emotions, as I like to call them.

God showed me that in the Psalms, King David expressed his emotions and that the Gospels say over and over that Jesus was moved by compassion as He ministered. God told me to notice how tenderly He loved me in the two-way journaling I was doing. God said I was to begin loving myself and others in the same way He was loving me. 
Lives healed as people experienced the New Creation Celebration meditations

Emotionally impacted

“While doing the “River Of Life,” I was moved to tears. I sensed His presence in a new and fresh way.” 

Pastor Keith Carlisle

Seeing myself as a new creation

“I love going through this and hearing the Lord speak. Learning to see myself as the new creation that I am is a process. I just realized this morning that my concentration is much better since I began using the devotional. My mind is not jumping around from one thing to another. I can stay in the Word longer and actually read with more focus.” 

Judy Young

Healed of Lyme disease!

My friend Tim Madden (pictured), a YWAM Crossroads Discipleship Training School leader in Kona, Hawaii shared this story with me in January of 2013. He had suffered with Lyme disease for several years, and the Lord told him in his journaling time that it was okay to get angry at the devil. He was quite surprised because he had grown up in an angry home and had made a point of avoiding anger when raising his children. Anger was not something he felt right about using in everyday life but he decided to take God at His Word and obey.

So Tim went for a drive in his car with his windows rolled up so no one could hear him shout at the devil and the Lyme bacteria that were causing his illness. He did this on several different days over a several week period, and sure enough, the Lyme disease left his body and his health was restored!

Tim shares, “Though I didn’t initially know that God had in mind for me to roar it ended up that I did just that on the top of my lungs and that I was quite surprised by the results.”
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Mark Virkler
Mark Virkler
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