Are You REALLY Suggesting Almighty God Cares About My Emotions?

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“I tried to understand but it was painful, until I….” (Psalm 73:16-17) Until you did what? I need to know, because I have this pain in my heart and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Asaph the psalmist knew how to have his emotional and mental pain resolved. It was simple. It was easy. It is a step I can take every day, and my emotional and mental pain can also be healed by the Wonderful Counselor!

Why I stopped trying to be my own therapist

Asaph was in a downward spiral. He had tried to obey the Lord and what had he gotten for his troubles? A chance to watch the wicked grow fat and rich and happy while he got nothing but misfortune and suffering. It was frustrating, depressing and taking a toll on his faith. He was becoming envious, angry and bitter, questioning why he even tried to stay pure and whether God really cared about him at all. And the more he thought about it all, the more he tried to think himself out of his funk, the deeper into it he went (Ps. 73). Sound familiar?

Fortunately, Asaph knew he wasn’t the best person to counsel himself. He knew that his own observations and conclusions were hopelessly inadequate for true understanding and healing. And he knew where to go for a better perspective – a perspective that would overcome his negative emotions, heal his heart and put a song of praise and thanksgiving in his mouth instead of complaints: “It was troublesome in my sight until I came into the sanctuary of God…With Your counsel You will guide me…” Asaph knew enough to stop trying to counsel himself and seek out the Wonderful Counselor.

I won’t be convinced that it’s all going to be okay

Are you ready to stop trying to “counsel” yourself, to talk yourself out of whatever painful emotion is eating away at your heart? Are you ready to admit that logic and reasoning are never going to take away your depression? Are you ready to give the Wonderful Counselor a chance to finally replace the negativity and darkness in your spirit with joy and light?

I have stepped from self-counseling to heavenly counseling, not only for myself, but whenever I counsel others. Can anything beat direct counseling from My loving Heavenly Father? How could I possibly improve on that? When we step from self-counsel to heavenly-counsel we enter into peace.

With all the troubles in the world surrounding us, you can live in faith, hope and love, and I will teach you how. God has changed me and I will explain step by step how He did it. And yes, it will work for you too. This new counseling approach takes practice. Why not practice receiving wonderful counsel? Life becomes richer, easier, more fun and more fulfilling.

Listen in on some sessions with my Wonderful Counselor

The Lord spoke to me: Let’s laugh as we do this. People like to laugh. You are calling them to laughter. Laughter heals the heart. A merry heart does good like medicine. Have you taken your medicine yet this morning? It should be taken three times a day. So make sure you get your three belly laughs in each day, for without them, you could get sick. (Prov. 15:13; 17:22)

Laughter is at the heart of the gospel 

It’s all about living in the mindset of faith, hope and love, and that sure can’t be done without laughter. Laughter heals. Anger destroys. Laughter sets one free, fear entraps. Laughter lets you experience joy and hope for your future. Hopelessness brings the darkness of gloom into your heart.

So laughter is surely at the heart of the gospel. It produces the heart realities I spoke of: faith, hope and love. These three abide forever. They will never perish. They are the fuel upon which you are designed to run. (1 Cor. 13:13)

Only true laughter comes from above
Come laugh with Me. For apart from Me there is NO TRUE LAUGHTER. There is the laughter of this world which is weak and fake and transient. It is not of Me. It is not from the heart. It is not based on eternal things. It is shallow, fleeting, and temporal. It is not of Me and it does not heal the heart. So come, laugh with Me saith the Lord of Hosts. (Ps. 2:4; Eccl. 3:4)

God sits in heaven, laughing
I sit on my throne in heaven and I laugh. I laugh at the foolishness of foolish men. I laugh at the devices of evil men who think they will remove Me from their midst. Have they accomplished that yet? They have been trying for thousands of years, and have they succeeded? No! And again I say unto you no! They have not. More people are alive today who believe in Me and My heaven and My miracles than ever before in the history of My world. So have they won? Have they succeeded? Have they accomplished their goal of ridding society and their lives from My presence? NO, and again I say NO! They have not, and they WILL NOT! (Ps. 2:4; Isa. 9:7)

Who is worried about the wicked?

So do not fret yourself about evil doers for they shall not succeed. They shall not prevail for they are fighting against the Most High God. They are fighting against Me. Do you think mere man has a chance to win over his Creator and his Sustainer? No, I think not, saith the Lord of Hosts. For I give them the very breath they breathe. I fill their hearts and minds with fear or with faith. I confuse them or give them clarity of thought. I raise up their enemies against them or I grant them peace on all sides. How can this kind of a God lose any battle with mankind? He cannot. I will not lose. So fret not yourself because of evil doers. (Ps. 37:1; Prov. 16:7; Isa. 13:17)

Who is inadequate?

And you feel you are so small and inadequate, that you cannot accomplish that which I have called you to do. Well, of course you can’t in yourself, but since it is MY destiny which I have called you into, it will be accomplished through the strength of MY Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts. It will not be accomplished through the puny efforts of man. It will be accomplished by the strength of the Lord of Hosts. I will prevail! I will equip! I will accomplish! I will conquer! It will be My victory in and through you, saith the Lord of Hosts. So trust in Me and do not look to your own devices. I will supernaturally prepare a path for you to walk on. It will be the work of My hand so that no man can take the glory. (Phil. 4:19 Jn. 6:63)

God loves our weakness

I use the weak things of this earth to confound the wise. So do not be wise in your own conceits. Be wise in the strength of the Lord. Learn of Me and My ways, so that in your weakness, you may be made strong. Know that by the power of MY strength the battle is won, the victory is received, the gift is given. It is not of man, least any man should boast. (Ps. 71:16; 1 Cor. 1:27; 2 Cor. 12:9-11)

Short arms?

So boast in the Lord and in the strength of His right arm. Because His arm is not so short that it cannot save. His hand is not so weak that it cannot deliver. Make sure your sins do not block My strength from flowing, for then you will have wisdom and then you will experience success (Gal. 6:14). Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done.

Yes, Lord!

How was that for wonderful counsel? Do you feel better? I know I do! You just received wonderful counsel from the Wonderful Counselor Himself.

For another powerful example of receiving direct revelation on the surprising role laughter can play in spiritual warfare, check out this blog post by my daughter Charity!

A short, easy read that will change your life

Counseled by God breezes you through numerous Bible stories, inspiring you to receive wonderful counsel by hearing God’s voice through two-way journaling. Your life can be successful. You can send the gloom and night fleeing from you and behold the Morning Star arising (2 Pet. 1:19). Experience the fullness of His glory enlightening your heart and banishing all darkness away.

Stop wondering “How does God see this situation?”

You can know the answer! His light will flood your heart and mind as His perspective guides you. No longer a slave to the news or to satan’s darkened thoughts of how bad everything is. My King of Glory has come! I see His light. I bask in the warmth of His love. I celebrate His kingdom here and now.

Experience the Kingdom

His Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). You can have these. These are gifts from Him in the midst of a troubled world. You can be set free. Every thought can be taken captive to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer of thanksgiving: Thank You, Lord, for counseling my heart. I am free. Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed! Once again, You have set me free.

Practical, Outrageous and Worth $1,000,000

John Arnott“The course, ‘Pure in Heart’ (former title of ‘Counseled by God’) is worth a million dollars to me. It moved the issues of life from the theoretical and theological right down into the heart. In the second chapter Mark made this outrageous statement that every accusative thought is of the Accuser, and every positive, life-giving, up-building thought is from the Holy Spirit, the giver of life. I realized that 80 percent of my own thinking was negative. It so smote me in my heart. I prayed, ‘God, this is completely unacceptable – completely! I cannot go through my life with 80 percent of my mind yielded to the enemy, to the Accuser!’”

Dr. John Arnott, a CLU graduate
Founding Pastor of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
(from “The Importance of Forgiveness” pages 7,8)

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Counseled by God – Spirit Life Module

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  • Your Extraordinary Life

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What does it mean to be Counseled by God?

4 Keys

You will learn the way to emotional wholeness through personal interaction with Almighty God within your spirit, as it is recorded in your journal, so first we review the four keys to hearing God’s voice. It is only as we spend time in His presence, listening to His words and His heart, that we begin to see His hand of love at work in every circumstance of our lives. That is the core of being counseled by God – seeing God in all. Not by setting our minds to figure out where He is and what He is doing, but by turning to Him and allowing Him to reveal Himself and His purposes.

A genuine word from the Lord heals the broken-hearted. All the “how to” books in the world can never do what a rhema word from God can do for the inner man.

“The words that I (Jesus) have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” (Jn. 6:63)

But shouldn’t I feel bad about being a dirty sinner?

We help you become absolutely clear in your heart who the accuser is and who the Comforter is. We renounce all accusative thoughts including all thoughts which steal our faith, hope and love. You will discover the five senses of your spirit and see from Scripture how God filled these five senses in Abraham’s life and birthed a miracle out through this father of faith. You will learn to follow the same steps and be a son or daughter of faith. You will begin to incubate ONLY God’s thoughts in the five senses of your spirit, and birth ONLY His kingdom of peace, light and joy in the Holy Spirit, never satan’s kingdom of gloom and darkness.

You will learn to let God speak to your heart and counsel you about the basic emotional pressures of life, letting Him replace them with His opposites as His voice releases His grace within your heart.

Are you plagued by worry, fear and anxiety? When you listen only to what the Lord is saying, all that will be replaced by faith!

Does anger, frustration or bitterness simmer just below the surface of your heart, ready to erupt if you don’t maintain constant control? Come to the Counselor Who knows exactly what to say in this moment, and unveils His view of the canvas of life, which will transform that wrath into divine love.

Are you weighed down by guilt over all the things you’ve done and all the things you have left undone – a guilt that steals your confidence and makes the future look bleak? Allow the Author to unlock His secret plot twists which shall redeem all things for His glory, and you will find hope springing forth in your heart!

Do you look at yourself with disgust and despair, feeling like you are inferior to pretty much everyone else and you can never measure up? Allow your Father to show you the masterpiece He has created and re-created you to be as you find your identity in Him!

Today is YOUR day!

We guarantee your heart will be lighter and freer as a result of this course. We even teach you the principles of inner healing, so you can allow Jesus to walk with you through your darkest moments and heal them with the peace of His presence.

And finally, we teach you how to die moment-by-moment to the strivings of your flesh, and draw instead upon the in-working power of His Spirit so that you are able to be transformed by His light.

What could be better than this? Today is your day to receive healing in your heart. Why endure the pain any longer?

Lives transformed as people are counseled by God!

Healed from depression, got married and landed a job!

Photo of SimonCounseled by God has played a huge role in cementing my healing from depression in the autumn of 2009. This book has provided a stream of hope, confidence, passion and love, which has led me to marriage, to paid employment, to voluntary activities and to a greater-than-ever love of God and of people, including myself. To me, this book has been a miraculous and supernatural study guide. I am so grateful to God for His inspiring the creation of this book.  I so want to promote this book to friends as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’. ”

Simon John Townend


Why wasn’t this offered before?

“Thank you! I am amazed at all God is doing in my life through the Counseled by God course. I wonder why no one has ever taught in this depth before. I had to say thanks.”

Margaret Goldena CLU Student


I now have deliverance with assurance

by Camille Stevens, a CLU student

Photo of CamilleDo you feel like no matter how much you serve God, you really should be doing more? Do you ever wonder if the more time you give to “ministry”, the more God will love you? Do you think you just might earn extra points with Him based on the number of hours you spend in church a week? Do you feel guilty saying “no”?

If so, read this. Camille shares her journey of being counseled by God through condemnation, anger and more with refreshing openness and honesty, in a way we all can relate to. You’ll feel better just for reading it!

Photo of ChristinePeace like I’d never known

by Christine Taimanglo, a CLU student

“Before taking this course, I had feelings of depression, anger, fear and guilt. As I went through the course, God spoke to me time and time again about what I needed to do to overcome these emotions. By the end of the course, I had such peace like I’d never known before in my life. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is struggling in these areas. If applied, it can make a difference.” Click here for her story.


How much time should we invest learning to receive God’s wonderful counsel?

If people from Genesis to Revelation received healing from the Wonderful Counselor, is it not in our best interest to master this skill? Is it not better than a psychologist, a psychiatrist or even counsel from your pastor? This is direct from God Himself! And yes, we always recommend you bounce all journaling calling for significant changes off from your three spiritual advisors, so you are sure to be running the race properly. I suggest you take three months, either individually or in a group, and fully internalize the principles of this Spirit-life training module.

Our no risk guarantee – experience “Lesson One” absolutely FREE, right now!

We provide Lesson One of the dynamic foundational course Hearing God’s Voice free of charge.

Free Sample - Lesson One - Click Here - Experience it - Then Enroll

Now you have discovered for yourself if it is some stuffy armchair theology or real, down-to-earth, practical, engaging, and life-transforming truth.

Didn’t the free sample convince you this is better training than anything you could have imagined?

In Counseled by God, you will discover the keys to living with a free heart and an impassioned mind. You will know how to release the Kingdom of God out through the five faculties of your spirit. I can guarantee that! You will need to practice turning to Him throughout the day to make this effective and life-giving. We can teach you in just three months what it took me a year to learn because I have gone ahead and prepared the way. God has revealed and guided me in laying out the simple keys to receiving His counsel. This devotional training can easily and comfortably be explored during your daily quiet times.

My daughter and I even co-host an online chat room where you can come and post your questions and get answers. As you get started, you can share your revelations and questions and issues so we can confirm if you are on the right track and help you along the path of seeing Him in all. We will become personal coaches to you during this three-month training experience.


Look at ALL you will receive in this interactive Spirit Life Training Module!

  1. The 146-page ebook, Counseled by God, the foremost training in the world teaching you how to become emotionally whole by hearing the voice of the Wonderful Counselor(Isa. 9:6)!  This book (and the related materials) presents a form of Christian counseling that begins and ends with the movement of Christ within your heart, rather than simply with the words of man. Discover how to allow Jesus to speak a word of life into the depths of your emotional despair and bring healing on a deep level!  – $9.95 value
  2. Counseled by God 35th Anniversary Edition MP3s 13 sessions, 25-35 minutes each. Dr. Mark Virkler opens up the Word and gently leads you into receiving counsel from your Lord. This allows you to listen to the training over and over in your car, while exercising, or anywhere you’d like!  – $59.95 value
  3. Counseled by God 35th Anniversary Edition Videos These can be accessed streaming online or downloaded for offline viewing. Identical to the MP3s and ideal for evenings watching the sessions together with your family or small group. Lessons include: Dialoguing with God; Discerning the Accuser; Recognizing the Comforter; Incubating Only Christ; Seeing God in the Past; From Fear to Faith; From Guilt to Hope; From Anger to Love; From Inferiority to Identity; From Depression to Joy; and Seeing God in All.  – $59.95 value
  4. The LEARN Counseled by God eNotebook which corresponds with the MP3s and video downloads so you can follow along with Dr. Virkler’s teaching.  – $6.95 value
  5. A comprehensive online lesson plan which takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the whole process, integrating all your learning materials into a cohesive and well-rounded experience. This Learning Management System also leverages interactive self-scoring quizzes to reinforce all of the key takeaways from each section, making sure that you “own” them before moving on.  – $100 value
  6. Personal Assessment tools are provided throughout the course so you can confirm that you have internalized and mastered the key skills taught in the each lesson. This guarantees life-change! A priceless benefit, but we will limit it to $197 value.
  7. All of these electronic resources are instantly downloaded to your computer or smartphone, available for immediate access from any device. – $100 value
  8. Printable Certificate of Completion as you finalize the course, awarding you five CEUs– $50 value
  9. Option to apply credits toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from Christian Leadership University– $200 value
  10. Coupon for 40% off hard copies of this material – $54+ value
  11. Coaching – Access to a members-only online forum where I will answer your questions and be a sounding board for your journaling. Wow! Now this is a personal touch to speed you on your way!  – $300 value

Total Value = $1,139.52


Five exciting FREE bonuses only if you order by April 24th

Bonus #1

A Stroll Along The Sea of Galilee

#1 tool in the world for hearing God’s voice

This 30-minute MP3 will breathe new life into your daily devotions! Begin with a 5-minute encounter where we take you for a walk with Jesus along the Sea of Galilee. We coach you into using the four keys to hearing His voice (stillness, vision, spontaneity and journaling). There is anointed music in the background which ushers you into the presence of God as you journal. The perfect companion for your morning quiet time!

Bonus #2


The vision God gave Mark Virkler concerning Washington D.C. which healed anger and fear

It occurred during Mark’s morning journaling time as He asked God to show him His heavenly perspective and how HE saw Washington D.C. It was a life-changing experience!

Bonus #3


A prophecy concerning the nations

One of our CLU graduates, Dr. Flavien Williams, received this series of prophetic visions recently during his journaling time. Enjoy these encouraging words that bring confidence to your heart.

Bonus #4


A list of counselors we recommend

It’s not that easy to find Spirit-led counselors who hear from God, see vision, and know how to heal the heart using biblical techniques. This list includes people who do counseling by Skype and by phone. It is an excellent list to have available to share with friends in time of need.

Bonus #5

“Buddy Pass” for this e-Learning Module!

This allows you to give access to this complete online training package to a person of your choosing, and can only be used once. Your “Buddy” can be a spouse, child or grandchild, friend or missionary. This never expires, so any time after purchase just enter their name and email address into the form you will receive via email, and the software handles the rest. Give the gift of life! – $1,139.52 value

Team up and focus with a coach at your side — experience your Promised Land!

There is no easier way to grow than to get into a group of like-minded people, and focus intently, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and a coach who is ahead of you in the area you are pursuing. A cord of three is not quickly broken. You support one another through the training process and by “focusing intently,” you become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (Jas. 1:25). No one wants to die in their wilderness, so make sure you are taking the proper steps which will allow you to occupy your promised land!


This is your chance to gain the revelation that God is YOUR Wonderful Counselor. Through His indwelling Spirit, He speaks to you daily, revealing His divine perspective on life and His amazing provisions. Train yourself to simply turn to Him, tune to the flow of His Spirit and release His presence, wisdom, power and anointing. Let Him become YOUR Wonderful Counselor. Really, what could be better? Gain this revelation for ONLY a $197 $97 investment! Make TODAY YOUR DAY to step into a fuller revelation of New Covenant reality!

Enroll in this interactive e-learning course:
Counseled by God – Spirit Life Module

Total Value = $1,139.52


Or discover “The Healed Heart Certificate”
consisting of these 5 Spirit Life Modules at a huge discount:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Counseled by God
  • Prayers That Heal the Heart
  • Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions
  • Your Extraordinary Life

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