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Never Again Will You Need to Say, “I Feel So Guilty and Condemned…”

How You CAN Stop Striving by Living “Naturally Supernatural”

He who abides in Me…bears much fruitapart from Me you can do nothing (Jn. 15:5).

“Wow! Jesus, are You really saying I can’t do anything on my own? I find that hard to swallow. You should watch me. It seems to me like I can get quite a bit done on my own. Not that I am calling You a liar, it is just that what You are saying is so far removed from reality as I picture it, I don’t know if I can wrap my head around it. However, I do want a fruitful life, in every area: marriage, family, finances, ministry, business, health. So, yes! Teach me how to abide. I need to learn to see things the way You see them.”


I have stopped trying to be perfect

By stepping from self-consciousness to Christ-consciousness, I have entered into rest. You can too. You simply need to change the pictures you live out of and the goals you have, and I can teach you how. God has changed me, and I will explain step by step how this occurred and yes, it will work for you. This new lifestyle takes practice, but why not practice doing life right? Life is actually easier when you do it the way the Creator intended.


GOD guides the story of our lives as we ride the waves of His Spirit

Ever notice how life seems to converge on you to move you in one direction or another? It could be several people saying the same thing to you, or a couple of events which guide you in a specific direction. When you look back, you realize it was God arranging those events in your life to move you forward in His plan for you. Interesting, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered if that just happens occasionally or if He is doing that ALL the time, or if He even goes so far as to guide the actions of the evil as well as the righteous (Col. 1:16,17; Isa. 10:5-16; Rom. 8:28)?


An example of how God guides me…

Over a two-week period I had four people contact me, afraid they had committed the unpardonable sin. I took that as guidance from God to discover and write a GOOD answer to this fear people had. So with the help of Dr. Jon Ruthven I wrote up a blog on what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is (kind of a tough question to answer). With Dr. Ruthven’s help I re-discovered that the heart of the New Covenant is that at salvation we receive the Holy Spirit, Who comes to live inside us.


Isn’t Peter’s “altar call” at the close of his Pentecost sermon messed up?

If I had given the altar call at the close of Peter’s Pentecost sermon, I would have said, “Repent, be baptized and your sins are washed away and you will spend eternity in heaven.” Instead he said, “Repent, be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38).

Hmmm… He replaced the mention of “going to heaven” with the fact that they would “receive the Holy Spirit.” That’s a different emphasis than our modern day “altar calls.” As Christians, we do get to go to heaven. I am not minimizing that. My point is, let’s explain clearly what happens when we accept Christ. The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of us and He changes everything! From now on, I am going to adjust the way I give an altar call.

Even though over the years I have focused extensively on becoming acquainted with the Holy Spirit in a deeper, more intimate way, I had never fully grasped the revelation that the Holy Spirit is the central reality of our salvation experience.


The Lord guiding me through “chance?”

God’s “chance encounter guidance” continued in my life yesterday, as I sat across the restaurant table from one of our CLU students. He shared with me the thrust of his monthly newsletter, which was to encourage people to be perfect and quit sinning. Wow! That was a shock for me, because I gave up on that goal 35 years ago! I was shocked that one of our graduates still had it. I went home and checked his transcript. Sure enough, he had NOT taken our course Naturally Supernatural, which teaches a different reality and a different goal.

So today, because of God’s guidance through several “chance encounters,” I am impassioned by God to share with you the central reality of the New Covenant, which is living naturally supernatural through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.


The LIE: “I live” and I focus on attacking the darkness of sin

I began my Christian life trying to be holy by keeping God’s commands, and I discovered it was a dead-end street. First, I couldn’t keep the law (Rom. 7:14-25; Gal. 2:16, 3:21-24, 6:13), and when I failed to keep it, I felt condemnation. It’s like focusing on getting darkness out of a room by swatting at it. It just doesn’t work.

Since it is clear in Scripture that there is no condemnation to those who live in Christ (Rom. 8:1), I realized I was doing something wrong, because I had guilt and condemnation within me a lot of the time. I needed to step out of my “self-consciousness” and discover what it meant to “be in Christ” or to be Christ-conscious. The Bible said this was the key to overcoming condemnation.

I needed to stop picturing myself as a self-contained unit, and adopt the four pictures the New Testament provides for me (a vessel, a temple, a branch and a body – with Christ as the head). In each of these pictures, I am hollow, designed to be filled with and energized by another. I am not a self-contained unit. So it’s time to change my picturing. When I picture reality the way God has designed it, life works. Picturing error messes life up! A picture is worth a thousand words. They are extremely powerful in moving my life forward in Christ or backward into self, sin, and ultimate demonization.


The TRUTH: “Christ lives through me” and I radiate His light

Paul says he is dead and no longer alive. Instead, Christ is living His life out through him (Gal. 2:20). This is a new reality which I need to picture if I want life to work.

When I need to love the unlovable, I simply smile, picture Jesus alive in me, and say, “Thank You, Jesus, for living within and releasing Your love, mercy and compassion out through me. I receive Your life flow and release You to this person” (1 Cor. 6:17; Acts 2:25; Ps. 16:8).

So I’m not looking at myself, or a biblical law which commands me to love, or the weakness of my flesh to keep this law of love. Instead, I am looking at Christ, Who is joined to me. What is He doing? What is He saying? What are His emotions toward this person? Once received (which can be done in moments), I then say “Yes, Lord” to what He has revealed to me, and I do what Jesus is doing. I am NOW radiating Christ’s life into the situation.

So instead of trying to perfectly keep laws, I seek to release a Person Who lives within me. My one and only goal is to see Him present and communicate with Him, receiving His perspective, wisdom, creativity, solutions, anointing and power. These come as I tune to the flow of His indwelling river, the Holy Spirit. I live a supernatural life. I abide in Christ. This is the New Covenant. This is the Christian lifestyle.


The Reality of the New Covenant is Living by the Spirit

You might wonder, “Is this is a nice add-on that I seek to attain to if I ever become a spiritual giant, or is this the heart reality of a New Covenant believer?” To answer this, I would encourage you to read the blog on Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit. Then journal and ask the Lord, “How central is it to live by the Spirit?”

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Lives transformed as people “Live Naturally Supernatural”

What do we do when we can’t reason ourselves out of sinful temptation?

Photo of Linda BurtonThis morning I felt a very strong temptation to have feelings that I did not want and if carried through, would be disastrous. These were feelings from the past and I recognized them well. I first started reasoning them out. Soon I realized that this is not the way Jesus would have me deal with them. I started applying the things that I have been learning in Naturally Supernatural. I started inviting and welcoming Jesus to come in and fill me and to flow out of me with His love and supernatural power.

In short order I noticed things starting to feel different. I started feeling a sense of peace. After a little while I was aware of the inside of me being filled with light, and then I heard singing and praising that seemed to be coming from deep inside. I joined in singing praises and worship to My Lord Jesus. Then there was a clarity that I do not believe I have experienced before. I knew that I knew that I knew for certain how incredible it is to have Jesus abiding in me and living His life out through me. The difference between the love of Jesus and the sinister lies of satan was so apparent. Absolutely incredible! Jesus, thank You for Your faithfulness to never leave us or to forsake us.

God spoke through journaling: “Stop trying! Release everything to Me. Follow My lead. Have I not shown you I will bless you?”

Lord, I believe You. I am just not sure how I am to do things.

“Come to Me daily and don’t try to reason it all out. Look at each day and come to Me in faith. I am over all. I will provide. Rest and be at peace. Do not be afraid, trust Me. I am trustworthy and I will care for you, My little ewe lamb.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus!


“I no longer limit God to the situations I feel I can’t handle on my own.”

Photo of Michelle KuehnMichelle Kuehn: As things would heat up in my life, I would handle them through my own intelligence and abilities and then go to God for what was lacking in order to get through the stressful times. The greatest lesson I have learned through this course on Living Naturally Supernatural is that abiding in Christ doesn’t limit Him to come into the situations I feel I can’t handle on my own. Abiding means to live in intimate relationship – always and in everything.

That was where I was failing. I had a degree of intimacy, at times greater than other times. However, I am learning that there is such a depth of relationship with God that I have only touched on in some ways. There is so much more of Him to experience, and there is so much more of me that He could experience if I would simply surrender to Him completely.


“My mind was blown. This concept is so life-altering.”

Photo of Nate CooperNate Cooper: I hadn’t gotten halfway through the first chapter of Naturally Supernatural and I was reaching for the wet wipes to clean all the brain matter off the walls after my mind was blown. This concept is so life-altering. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to read it to get it into my spirit.

Immediately, I went into prayer, claiming this as truth.  Within seconds, the Holy Spirit was at work, as I was praying in the Spirit, He was ripping out old beliefs and setting up scaffolding to begin to break soil for the new Truth Center that was now taking its place.

That being said, thank you for this book! It will have a very profound effect on my life.


How much time should we invest learning to live and walk by the Spirit?

If living and walking by the Holy Spirit is the heart of the New Covenant, with hundreds of verses on the topic, then how many sermons should we hear on how to walk by the Spirit? How much time should we spend meditating on what it means to live by the Spirit?

I spent a year on this topic, meditating on every Scripture I could find on being “in Christ” and having Christ living in me, and what the Holy Spirit within me provided. My first book on these findings was called Abiding in Christ (Part 1 & Part 2). Now this topic is divided into two training modules. The first is called Living Naturally Supernatural. The second is How to Walk by the Spirit. In these two courses, you explore with me over 1000 verses on living by the Spirit of Christ Who is joined to your spirit.

The result is that my Christian experience has turned from a religion of laws coupled with my inability to keep them, to a relationship of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and the release of His indwelling power. How much is that worth?


Our No Risk Guarantee – Experience “Lesson One” Absolutely FREE, right now!

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We provide Lesson One of the dynamic course Hearing God’s Voice free of charge so you can discover for yourself if it is some stuffy armchair theology or real, down-to-earth, practical, engaging, and life-transforming truth.


Didn’t the free sample convince you this is better training than anything you could have imagined?

In Living Naturally Supernatural, you will discover the keys to living and walking by the Spirit. I can guarantee that! You will need to practice turning to Him throughout the day to make this effective and life-giving. We can teach you in just three months what it took me a year to learn because I have gone ahead and prepared the way. God has revealed and guided me in laying out four keys to living naturally supernatural. This devotional training can easily and comfortably be explored during your daily quiet times.

My daughter and I even co-host a private forum where you can come and post your questions and get answers. As you get started, you can share your revelations and questions and issues so we can confirm if you are on the right track and help you along the path of abiding in His presence. We will become personal coaches to you during this three month training experience.

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Living Naturally Supernatural – Revised & Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition

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Look at ALL you will receive in this interactive Spirit Life Training Module!

  1. The 50-page ebook, The Great Mystery, is a six chapter workbook which guides you through meditating upon the New Testament verses which describe what Jesus through the Holy Spirit provides within you. As you begin to see” this revelation, you will be bowled over with inner confidence of who you are in Christ. Chapter titles include: 1) To Abide, 2) The Treasure Within This Earthen Vessel, 3) Being In Christ, 4) Approaching God, Who Lives Within, 5) Releasing the God Within, 6) Names of the Triune God (meditating on 150 of God’s names, while realizing this is Who is living within you, empowering you!). – $7.95 value
  2. The Naturally Supernatural ebook where Dr. Virkler expands seven key revelations concerning letting Christ live out through us. The revelations are: 1) God is all and in all, 2) I am a vessel, 3) I no longer live, 4) Christ is my life, 5) I am dead to the law, 6) I live by the Spirit and 7) I live by faith that God is Immanuel. These are followed by 5 additional chapters. Each chapter concludes with a personal application, think and discuss points and journaling questions. These seven key truths were then boiled down to four simple steps which are detailed in the materials below. – $11.99 value
  3. Thirteen Naturally Supernatural MP3s, each averaging 30 minutes long, where Dr. Virkler teaches the keys to Living Naturally Supernatural. This allows you to listen to the training over and over in your car or while exercising. – $59.95 value
  4. Thirteen Naturally Supernatural Videos, identical to the MP3s and ideal for evenings watching the sessions together with your family or small group. These can be accessed streaming online or downloaded for offline viewing. – $59.95 value
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Total Value = $1,142.77

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Don’t you think it’s time YOU team up and focus with a coach at your side so you speed forward and enter your Promised Land?

There is no easier way to grow than to get into a group of like-minded people, and focus intently, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and a coach who is ahead of you in the area you are pursuing. A cord of three is not quickly broken. You support one another through the training process and by “focusing intently,” you become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (Jas. 1:25). No one wants to die in their wilderness, so make sure you are taking the proper steps which will allow you to experience your promised land!


This is your chance to gain the revelation that God is alive within you, through the Holy Spirit, anointing and equipping you with everything you will ever need in life to meet every challenge easily and successfully. Train yourself to simply turn to Him, tune to the flow of His Spirit and release His presence, wisdom, power and anointing. You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you … and our God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:13,19). Really, what could be better? Gain this revelation for ONLY a $197 investment! Make TODAY YOUR DAY to step into a fuller revelation of New Covenant reality!



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