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What is it all about?

4 Keys to Hearing God's VoiceDo you long to deepen your relationship with your Lord? Do you yearn to hear His voice guiding you through your day and counseling you at night through your dreams? Is your heart wounded by experiences in your past that influence how you respond to situations today? Do you want to spend more time in the Bible but need some direction and focus? Have your daily devotions become mere expressions of obedience rather than intimate encounters with your Savior? Do you even take time for daily devotions in the hurry, hurry, hurry of your busy life?

Our School of the Spirit was created to meet the needs of people like you who say yes to those kinds of questions. All of our courses are presented from a practical, biblical and spiritual perspective and are Scripturally sound and revelation-based. These Spirit Life Training Modules were birthed and proven in real life struggles and victories. As you meditate through these courses, the Holy Spirit will give you personal revelation and transformation.

Because they are completely electronic, they are especially appealing to our technology-immersed generation. Now, wherever you are, you can access these anointed Scriptural lessons. MP3s, streaming video and eBooks keep your course materials at your fingertips, allowing you to redeem the time when you have to wait for appointments, while driving or when you exercise. Automatically self-grading quizzes help you recognize important principles and be sure that you have learned them. Personal Assessments encourage you to take a look at how you are interacting with what you are learning and how thoroughly you are applying it.

Through the BibleThis School of the Spirit is not for those who simply want to increase their intellectual understanding of biblical principles or religious theories. Our goal for every course is that you meet God through His Word and allow His Spirit to speak to you and transform you into His image. We are not interested in anything less.

So, if you are hungry to go deeper in the Word and the Spirit, we invite you to sample a few of our courses. We have selected one lesson each from four of our modules. Read the lessons carefully and follow the directions. Take the time to read the texts. Listen to or watch the teaching segment. Meditate on the Scriptures and complete the exercises. Then evaluate yourself with the Quiz and Personal Assessment.

You can read more about the School of the Spirit here. We hope you enjoy this small sample of what we have to offer and that you will discover how easy and how much fun it can be to grow in the Lord through the Christian Leadership University School of the Spirit.  If you decide it is what you have been looking for, we encourage you to enroll in Hearing God’s Voice as your first course since it is foundational to all of our training experiences.

And now, it’s time to get started!

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