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While waiting for an appointment, you could be learning how to interpret that dream you had last night. As you exercise, you could be learning how to exercise your mind unto godliness. During your morning devotions, you could be falling more deeply in love with your Lord while earning credits toward a college diploma.

You can complete Spirit-Life Modules from your laptop, tablet or smart phone, on your time schedule, following your passionate pursuit of God. We put a coach at your side and a chat room at your disposal. What more could you ask for? Millions have desired this training, and we are making it available to you NOW. It is the best of the best. It is the result of a lifetime of research, trial and error, and then successful implementation as we have combined cutting-edge Spirit-anointed proven messages from around the world.

The problem: “I don’t have the time or money to go away to Bible College!”

Photo of Mark At age eighteen I, Mark Virkler, went to a Christian liberal arts college to be trained for ministry. I followed their advice and took a major in Religion-Philosophy and a minor in Psychology, but I knew even then this was not equipping me for ministry.

I am now 45 years older, and I have invested my life pursuing intimacy with God, which came instantly when He taught me how to easily hear His voice. As a result, I experienced His healing touch and warm embrace and every aspect of my life was completely transformed. God has graciously guided our path, directing us to make this available to you through eighteen interactive revelation-based training modules, which culminate in a “Diploma in Applied Spirituality” from Christian Leadership University. All this is available for 1/20th the cost of the tuition for just one year at the college from which I received my BA.

Here’s how you can learn more Bible than I did in a Christian College

My goal in Bible College was to master the Bible. However, they only required us to skim read selected passages in two courses. We have expanded this into eight courses in our Through the Bible Series, so you have plenty of time to carefully, prayerfully explore the entire Bible under the leading of the Holy Spirit, with Dr. Andrew Hardy, our Bible scholar and DVD coach at your side.

Here’s how you can go beyond Bible study to Biblical meditation

In Bible College, I didn’t even know that to meditate on God’s Word (Josh. 1:8) involved prayerfully mulling over Scripture with a listening heart, allowing God to speak to me. I didn’t learn until after my graduation that I was to pray for God to open the eyes of my heart (Eph. 1:17,18) as I pondered and reflected upon Scripture. In our Knowing God Through the Word series, we guide you in utilizing these spiritual disciplines, so you have the same experience the disciples did on the Emmaus Road, your heart burning within as He opens Scriptures to you (Lk. 24:32).

Here’s how you receive more Spirit training than I received in Bible College

I was taught God no longer spoke, even though Jesus clearly said, “My sheep hear My voice” (Jn. 10:27). In the Life Module Hearing God’s Voice, we will train you how to easily, clearly hear God’s voice speaking from within your heart and to see His visions (Acts 2:17). You will record in your prayer journal what He is speaking to you just as King David did in the Psalms.

After 10 years of painful struggle, this amazing experience completely transformed my relationship with God, taking it from a set of rules to an intimate, healing, daily love encounter with the Divine Lover of the universe. This deepened my walk with God, strengthened my marriage, improved all of my interpersonal relationships, and made possible my advancement into Christian spirituality.

The Lord spoke to me…

You never separate My Spirit from any part of life, for if you do, you are operating in the flesh, and the flesh profits nothing (Jn. 6:63). My voice, when brought to Bible study, turns it into Bible Meditation, causing your heart to burn within as I open Scripture to you. My voice applied to Christian Spirituality takes the striving and “grunting” and work out of it, and makes spiritual growth an outworking of the Spirit, rather than a striving of the flesh.

My Spirit is to be the center of each and every learning experience. Nothing is of the flesh. Everything is of the Spirit. All are taught to come to My River and drink of My presence and receive My life, and release it to all whom they touch.

Our Life Modules train you to know the Bible live and walk by the Spirit

These online training experiences guide you step-by-step into ever-increasing intimacy as you learn to live and walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25). These completely unique courses are birthed in the real life advances God takes us through as we grow in the Spirit. They include:

  1. Your Extraordinary Life – Imagine starting new believers off with the Holy Spirit!
  2. Hearing God’s Voice – 4 keys which when used together, allow you to hear God’s voice every day (Jn. 10:27).
  3. Counseled by God – the voice of the Wonderful Counselor healing our fears, disappointments, hurts and anger (Isa. 9:6).
  4. Empowered by the Spirit – covers the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, mountain moving faith and healing the sick.
  5. Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions – Learn how Kingdom power rides on the waves of Kingdom emotions (Matt. 14:14; Rom. 14:17).
  6. Everyday Angels – Discover how to encounter, experience, and engage angels in everyday life (Heb. 1:14)
  7. Living Naturally Supernaturally – we learn to live out of an awareness of Christ always present with us and in us (Jn. 15).
  8. Prayers That Heal the Heart – seven prayers which heal deep heart wounds granting total freedom (Jn. 8:36).
  9. How to Walk by the Spirit – exploration of all 1200 verses on heart and spirit so we can live comfortably from our hearts, for “out of the heart flow the issues of life” (Prov. 4:23).
  10. 49 Lies – Removing the lies which obstruct our walk in the Spirit! 
  11. Hearing God Through Your Dreams – discover how God counsels you at night through your dreams (Ps. 16:7). His revelation brings blessing, favor, protection and anointing to your life.
  12. How to be a Spirit-Anointed Teacher – Make every training experience an encounter with the Lord.
  13. Parenting by Grace – training children to walk and live according to the Spirit.
  14. Take Charge of Your Health The Bible absolutely has the answers as to how you can live in vibrant health.
  15. The Art of Biblical Meditation– experience Scripture, alive, pulsating, quickened, every day.
  16. Pentateuch – first five books of the Bible
  17. History 1 – United Kingdom
  18. History 2 – Divided Kingdom
  19. Poetry Books – Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs
  20. Major Prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Lamentations
  21. Life of Christ – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  22. Acts and Epistles – Acts and the Pauline Epistles
  23. Epistles and Revelation – General Epistles and Revelation
  24. Overflow of the Spirit – Operate all nine manifestation of the Spirit

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Peoples’ lives are being transformed by these Spirit Life Modules

Photo of Suzanne Cerniglia“After being introduced to CLU’s Dreams training module, God revealed to me His special calling for my life by giving me three nighttime dreams. Based on them, I changed my career goal from nursing to dance, and founded the King’s Dancers Christian School of Performing Arts located in Scotia, New York which now has over 250 students in it! Stepping into the fulfillment of my destiny occurred because I was trained to receive and act on God’s guidance through dreams. Thank you, God, and thank you, CLU! The story of these three dreams and how they changed the course of my life can be read by clicking here.” Suzanne Cerniglia 
Photo of Rev. John Donnelly“I so enjoy the revelation-based method of learning (and teaching). My learning from CLU has impacted my preaching, teaching, pastoral work, family, personal life, etc. I appreciate the fact that you have taken some risks to follow the path on which the Lord has led you. I am most grateful.”  Rev. John Donnelly
Photo of Shaloma Gray“The Doctorate at CLU was the most important education I have ever had and will ever get. I received my B.A. in education and my M.A. in counseling from The University of Phoenix. My Doctorate with CLU is the most precious part of my educational journey. Glory be to God!”  Shaloma Gray
Photo of Linda Geyer“I’ve never loved studying and taking courses as much as I am loving my coursework through CLU. God is so amazing!”  Linda Geyer
Photo of Rev. Al Morris II“Christian Leadership University offers without a doubt the most challenging and rewarding teachings I have ever received. I recommend this school to anyone who is serious about their Christian walk. You will never be the same after you take this journey.”  Rev. Al Morris II
Photo of MaryAnn Diorio“Prior to enrolling at CLU, I had already earned three graduate degrees, including the Ph.D. But none of those educational experiences came close to the transformational impact of my studies at CLU. At first, I had no intention of pursuing another degree. In fact, I came across CLU while doing a web search on how to hear the voice of God. I was at a point in my life when I was hungry to hear God clearly and to know Him more intimately. When I found Dr. Virkler’s course, How to Hear God’s Voice, I immediately enrolled with the intention of taking only that course. But when I began to notice how Communion with God was radically changing my life, I wanted more. So that course led to another and then to another, until, finally, I have now completed the Doctor of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling.”  MaryAnn Diorio

How much is it worth to have revelation-based training at your fingertips?

Where else can you find such a unique opportunity? What other school has these kinds of testimonies from their students? (Click here for more student stories.) Is this not the training you long for? If so, then sign up today at the discounted price of less than $99 per module to receive all 20+ Spirit Life Training Modules, and earn your Diploma in Applied Spirituality from Christian Leadership University.

Today is your day to experience God’s favor and anointing by learning to walk and live by the Spirit! We are ready to teach you, and the cost will not be the $38,000 tuition you would have to pay to receive one year of education at the college I graduated from. It is ONLY $1795, which includes all downloadable training materials from the best of our learning over the last 45 years of our lives. At 1/20th the cost, these courses will equip you to live a successful Christian life, and minister God’s grace and anointing effectively to others. The voice of God will be restored to the center of your Christian experience! How precious is that?

Our No Risk Guarantee – Experience “Lesson One” Absolutely FREE, right now!

Free Sample - Lesson One - Click Here - Experience it - Then Enroll

We provide Lesson One of the dynamic course Hearing God’s Voice free of charge so you can discover for yourself if it is some stuffy armchair theology or real, down-to-earth, practical, engaging, and life-transforming truth.

Isn’t this better than anything you imagined?

Now that you have experienced just one lesson from these Spirit Life modules, can you imagine what eighteen complete courses will do to your life?  You will be one or two years older whether you take these courses or not, so why not invest these months and experience the same spiritual transformation you have read about in the testimonies above? My daughter and I even co-host online chat rooms where you can post your questions and get answers. As you get started, you can share your journaling so we can confirm if you are on the right track and it is indeed God speaking to you. We will become personal coaches to you during these training experiences.

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What you will receive when you enroll in the Diploma in Applied Spirituality Program

All of these electronic resources are instantly downloaded to your computer or smartphone, available for immediate access. In addition you will receive a coupon code to order hard copies of all these materials at 40% off.

DiplomaFor each of the 20+ Spirit Life modules:

  • A comprehensive online lesson plan which takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the whole process, integrating all your learning materials into a cohesive and well-rounded experience. This Learning Management System also leverages interactive self-scoring quizzes to reinforce all of the key takeaways from each section, making sure that you “own” them before moving on.
  • Hours of anointed training through MP3s and streaming video.
  • eBooks & eWorkbooks for thorough mastery.
  • Printable Certificates of Completion as you finalize each course awarding you five CEUs.
  • A Diploma from CLU at the conclusion of 15 or more courses.
  • Option to apply credits toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from CLU.
  • Coaching – Access to members-only online forums where my daughter and I will answer your questions and be a sounding board for your journaling. Now this is a personal touch which speeds you on your way!

Don’t you think it’s time YOU team up and focus with a coach at your side so you speed forward and enter your Promised Land?

There is no easier way to grow than to get into a group of like-minded people, and focus intently, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and a coach who is ahead of you in the area you are pursuing. A cord of three is not quickly broken. You support one another through the training process and by “focusing intently,” you become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (Jas. 1:25). No one wants to die in their wilderness, so make sure you are taking the proper steps which will allow you to experience your promised land!


This is your opportunity to discover how to easily live and walk by the Spirit and to master Scriptures. You learn how to take daily walks with God in the Garden in the cool of the day, and fall in love with Him all over again, experiencing the rush that comes when He speaks into your heart. His words enliven and heal every area of your life. Really, what could be better? All 18 core Spirit Life modules and a Diploma in Applied Spirituality from CLU for the unbelievably low price of ONLY $1795! Make today your day to step into divine favor and Holy Spirit power!

If you want to order a smaller bite, such as the Hearing God’s Voice Spirit Life module for $197, or a  series of 3 to 5 courses, those options are available here (scroll down to discover the option which suits you best).

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