Frequently Asked Questions

How is the School of the Spirit unique?

All 160 teaching segments are presented from a practical, biblical and spiritual perspective. These are provided through Christian Leadership for U – School of the Spirit.  Each of these scripturally sound, revelation-based modules will enrich your life and the lives of all you share them with. These Spirit Life Training Modules were birthed and proven in real life struggles and victories. As you meditate through these modules, the Holy Spirit will give you personal revelation and transformation.

What exactly is Revelation-based Learning?
Revelation-based learning occurs when you receive revelation, perception and illumination from the Holy Spirit and act upon it.


How can I contact CLU School of the Spirit?

If your question is not answered on the website, or you just want to speak to a real person, here are some ways to get in touch with us.

[email protected]

1-800-466-6961 (USA only)
1-716-681-4896 (Worldwide)

CWG Fulfillment Center
3792 Broadway St.
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Technical/website help: [email protected]

Can I enroll online in the School of the Spirit?


  1.  Purchase individual courses using the hyperlinks here
  2. Series of courses may be purchased here using the Order Here” buttons
  3. Try Our Free Course Sampler Now

To enroll additional immediate family members for $99 each, call us at 1.800.466.6961 or 716.681.4896 (int’l).

Can I really do these courses on my iPad?
 Yes, you can! Your school is with you wherever you go. Books, video, workbooks, quizzes: It’s all there and SO convenient! (You only need an internet connection at the beginning and end of each lesson, to view the assignments and take the quizzes.)
How can I enroll through my home group or church?
If they are offering this Diploma Program you can get more details from them.
Can I find out what the courses are like before I decide to enroll?
Can I try it before I buy it? Yes! Before you invest in your spiritual development, we are offering you an opportunity to sample 2 weeks of courses FREE with no money down (simply click here). Then if you are completely satisfied with these electronic training modules, you can invest in your spiritual development! That is how confident we are that you will find these Spirit Life Training Modules absolutely transformational! This “Diploma in Applied Spirituality” from CLU saves you 90% off the cost of one year at a traditional Christian university.
What is the refund policy?
All sales are final. We offer our Free Course Sampler which allows you to get a taste of the e-learning experience before you enroll, to ensure your satisfaction.
Who are my teachers?


Dr. Mark Virkler

President of Christian Leadership University and passionate to train on the laws of the spirit. Discover more about him here.

Dr. Andrew Hardey

British Scholar with a passion that you hear from God as you meditate on the Bible. Discover more about him here (scroll down).

Can I purchase these courses one at a time?
  Yes! For just $99 each, you’ll have access to all of the electronic training material plus the online quizzes that apply toward the CLU Diploma in Applied Spirituality. Alternatively, you can select to order individual courses with no online testing and not receive a CLU Diploma. Feel free to contact us to discuss which option is best for you: Phone: 1.800.466.6961 or 716.681.4896; Email: [email protected].
Can I earn CEUs?
Yes, you will receive a Certificate at the completion of each Spirit Life Module worth 5 CEUs.
Can I make copies of my material for others to use?
No, it is copyrighted material. The best way to stay within the bounds of proper use is to treat these electronic materials the same way you would hard copies. So for example, you could play the videos when your home group gathers together, the same as if you had bought a set of teaching DVDs. But you wouldn’t make a copy of the disc for each group member and send it home with them, so in the same way, don’t distribute links or share files with others.

Same with the books. You wouldn’t make many copies of a book you purchased to give to others, just as you should not do so with ebooks.

See the next question below to learn how to buy hard copies of the books for yourself and your group at 40% off!

What if I want hard copies?

Each module that you enroll in gives you access to a coupon code that you can use to order the corresponding books, CDs and DVDs from at 40% off!

This coupon code can be found on the homepage of each module that you own, just above the table that lists all the lessons.

Can I hire a coach to work with me as I go through these training experiences?

Yes! A coach is a wonderful gift because they are ahead of you in the area you are seeking to master. You can bounce your questions, experiences, revelations and insights off from them for confirmation and adjustment.

  • For only $1200, you can receive 15 minutes per week of coaching for a full 24 months from the purchase date of the Diploma in Applied Spirituality training package. Order Here
  • For $99 you can purchase a coach for an individual course. Order Here
How do I receive my Diploma in Applied Spirituality?

Once you have successfully completed the training and online tests for a minimum of 15 of the School of the Spirit modules, you may contact our offices requesting the Diploma in Applied Spirituality be mailed to you (processing fee – $35).

What is the dual enrollment option to apply School of the Spirit modules toward a degree with Christian Leadership University?

The Dual Enrollment Option Is Ideal for Those Pursuing a CLU DEGREE: Any student can request dual enrollment and have a CLU instructor assigned to them for any/each life module. An additional $200 tuition fee per 3 credit course or $300 tuition per 4 credit course, plus the cost of any additional required course materials, will be charged. Now you are also enrolled in that same class directly with CLU. This means CLU provides you the full course syllabus, which requires extra assignments that you email to your CLU Instructor for grading, and you earn credits.

The benefits of this are:

  1. A more intense focus which causes deeper exploration into the course topics. This brings greater internalization and greater life transformation.
  2. In addition, your completed course grade is added to your CLU transcript toward a CLU degree, rather than a CLU diploma.


Sign Up for the Dual Enrollment Option Today Learn More & Order Here

If I want to continue beyond a diploma to earning a degree with CLU, what is the process?

Enroll in CLU and in the Notes section of the New Student Application, indicate that you have completed a School of the Spirit Diploma that you would like applied toward your degree. You may then order and complete a Life Experience Portfolio and/or submit transcripts from other colleges and schools. Once all these are evaluated, you may take courses directly from CLU to reach the necessary credits for your desired degree. CLU will also receive completed individual School of the Spirit modules as partial credit toward the degree.

Can I skip the online quizzes?
If you do not desire online quizzes or a CLU Diploma, you may order just the training modules here. These training modules do not have quizzes and are worth 2.5 CEUs assuming you are in a group, and the group leader has purchased the “Group Leaders Training Package” and awards you such a certificate at the conclusion of the 12 week course.

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