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What It’s All About…

You can be the parent God wants you to be: loving, encouraging, trusting and able to raise up your children in the way they should go, fulfilling their own unique destinies. Parenting was not intended to be a burden, and anyone who tells you differently has bought into a lie. You will learn to enjoy parenting as an exciting, joy-filled, divinely-ordained opportunity, not a wearying responsibility.

God has a vast reservoir of grace that He wants to pour into your life, your home, and your family. And He has provided lots of ways by which that grace can be channeled through you and into the lives of your children. Unfortunately, these rivers of God’s grace can become littered with the debris of our own sinful thoughts and actions, as well as the ungodly actions of our ancestors, creating dams that prevent His grace from flowing the way He desires.

In this module you will discover how to release the power and wisdom of God into your children’s lives; how to remove generational sins and curses; how to teach them to have a heart after God. You will look at your own relationship to your parents to be sure you are honoring them as you should. You will explore what it means to honor your children, for the Bible says we are to honor ALL people and this includes children. You will begin to watch your words more carefully, and speak only life over your children. You will not speak negative words which hurt and crush their spirits. You will focus on their God-given strengths, rather than their weaknesses, for it is the strengths which God has placed within them which allow them to ascend to success.


Your number one ministry-focus during the years you are raising your children is to minister God’s life to them. So you will make them your primary priority – without feeling guilty about it! You will learn why it is vital to teach them to hear God’s voice for themselves, and how to make wise spiritual decisions by using God’s approach to decision making.

The goal of this module is to enable you to release more of the grace of God into your home, making it a place of love, peace, honor and victorious Christian living where each member of the family is accepted as he is and strengthened to become all that he can be in Christ. As you allow the Holy Spirit to shine the Light of revelation on your life, He will gently mold you more fully into His image and the changes will be manifest not only in your life but in your whole family!

PLEASE NOTE: The questions and exercises in this course assume that you currently have children you are raising and that you will be applying what you learn to your relationship with them. IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY RAISING CHILDREN OR ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARE OF CHILDREN, YOU CAN STILL COMPLETE THE EXERCISES. The focus of this course is on increasing your ability to extend grace to others. This is not a skill that is limited to the parent/child relationship. Every relationship we have can be improved by increasing the grace we express and living out our sanctification more completely. Therefore, if you are not currently responsible for children, select at least one other relationship that you would like to improve. It may be with your spouse, with a parent, or just a friend. If you are in a position of leadership, the principles can be applied with those whom you lead, coach or mentor. Simply adjust the assignments as absolutely necessary, apply the principles appropriately, and discuss the results.

Come Join the Group!

While you are taking this course, you may have questions about what you are learning, or you might want to get someone else’s input on what you believe you are hearing from the Lord. You might just want to talk with others who are on the same spiritual journey. We have created a special chat room just for this purpose. You are invited to join this group at Koinonia Network. Stop by and make some new friends. Share what the Lord is speaking to you. Receive confirmation, adjustment and encouragement. Be an inspiration to others on the journey. Learning together is much more fun that doing it alone!

Here Are Your Electronic Course Materials:

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