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A Turn-Key System

No matter where you live in the world, whether you are a pastor seeking to cultivate and train a church or a growing Spirit-filled Christian hungry for more and wanting to make life work, our School of the Spirit with its Diploma in Applied Spirituality from Christian Leadership University provides you everything you need to easily disciple yourself and others by placing Spirit-anointed video training modules at your fingertips. These can be offered from a home, church, office, friends around a bench in the park, across Skype or in an online chat room. You TEAM UP and GROW!


Ensures Commitment, Nurtures Multiplication & Your Cost Can Even Be Covered!

These Spirit-life modules provide biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, practical, experiential training which changes people’s lives. It heals heart wounds, improving all relationships by training how to easily hear God’s voice. Now the Lord can walk together with you in the cool of the day, granting you His friendship, intimacy, wisdom, creativity, productivity, blessing and favor. We’re back to the Garden.

By enrolling in a module, you are making a commitment to 12 weeks of training. Once completed, you simply share your testimony of its life-transforming impact with your friends. Let them know you will re-take the module again with them as it will be a great review for you (free) and give them a trusted companion to walk with as they take the course. You simultaneously push on into the next Spirit-life module.

With our affiliate program, you receive 25% of the purchase price from those you bring in. So enrolling four of your friends will make your next module free. This fosters constantly expanding Kingdom training throughout your community.


My conviction is “Scripture is meant to be lived!”

As the overseer of the development of these Spirit-life modules, let me share a bit about my heart so you can determine if this is the heartbeat you desire woven into your training.

Photo of MarkMy name is Dr. Mark Virkler. My wife and I have co-authored over 50 books, founded and pastored a church, Pioneer Christian Fellowship in Arcade NY, as well as built an online university with over 10,000 students in 127 nations, but that’s not where we started.

I grew up on this dairy farm, which established in my heart a passion that things must be simple, practical, workable and affordable. At age 15, when I was saved in a conservative Baptist church, an additional passion grew which was to become a “Biblical man.” I devoured the Scriptures. I wanted to live and experience those things I read about in Scripture. However, I was assured that we live in a new dispensation and that living by the Spirit was no longer possible. Also, since “too much study causes weariness of the flesh” (Eccl. 12:12), I was admonished not to study my Bible very much. I rejected this theology and enrolled at Roberts Wesleyan College to become trained as a minister. There I learned about John Wesley and the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying work of holiness and I embraced holiness as a part of my lifestyle.


Embraced by the Spirit

When I graduated with a Bachelor in Religion/Philosophy, I found that God had put in my heart a passion to learn the ways of His Spirit. I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gift of speaking in tongues, and I began discerning spirits, casting out demons and seeing miracles which resulted in people being transformed before my eyes as they were delivered and healed. I saw the nine manifestations of God’s Spirit (1 Cor. 12:7-11) as an amazing display of God’s grace, compassion and power poured out in our lives. All we need is to be taught to honor and release this indwelling Holy Spirit. Paul, in Acts, demonstrated all nine of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in his life. I believe we can, too.


Seeking the gift of largeness of heart

Solomon had largeness of heart (1 Kgs. 4:29), which I see as an ability to embrace various views. I have prayed for the gift of largeness of heart. When I explore a topic, I research all sides of it, not just the side I happen to agree with. I explore all verses in the Bible on it, even those which would contradict the position I hold. I want God’s whole truth, not my truth. I pray over these verses asking God to give me His wisdom and knowledge. I am eager and glad to change my mind (the meaning of the word “repent”). I know God’s truth releases God’s anointing and blessing and positions me to step into His destiny for my life. I get to enter my Promised Land. I want nothing less than this.


Don’t live in boxes

Since I no longer fit into any theological or denominational box, I have chosen to adopt a few principles upon which I will stand.

Principles I live by – Everything must…

  1. Be compatible with all of Scripture, so I do complete concordance studies (2 Tim. 3:16).
  2. Lead me into a greater knowledge and intimacy with Christ (Jn. 17:3).
  3. Be an outworking of the Spirit since the flesh profits nothing (Jn. 6:63; Gal. 5:25).
  4. Lead me into becoming more Christ-like, increasing in compassion and power (Gal. 4:19).
  5. Be confirmed by the mouth of two or three spiritual advisors so I walk in meekness (2 Cor. 13:1).

I seek out truth with a listening heart and open mind, rejecting all fear, name-calling and dishonor toward others (1 Jn. 4:18; 1 Pet. 2:17) especially those with whom I may disagree. I will not adopt the accuser’s heart attitude toward others (Rev. 12:10). It is unbecoming of the Church.


An example of my growing, changing theology

At Roberts Wesleyan College, I set aside my view of eschatology and with an open heart studied all four views (A-millennialism, Postmillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, and Historical Premillennialism). I found I could support all four from Scripture to my satisfaction, so I decided I no longer cared about eschatology and would not “waste” my time teaching about it. Instead I chose to press on and invest my life in fulfilling the Great Commission of “discipling all nations.” When that job was finished, I would come back to explore the end times. I did read Paradise Restored by David Chilton and liked his eschatology as he believes that of “the increase of God’s government we shall see no end.” He believes we actually will complete the Great Commission and disciple all nations. (You can find all four views of eschatology nicely laid out side by side, each with supporting Scripture, in the Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy. This is an excellent, mind-expanding book.)

I now realize I need to come back and talk about eschatology with my students, because I have discovered that those who believe the world must get darker and darker before the Lord returns tend to celebrate when they hear in the morning news that wickedness is abounding. Because that is what they believe must happen to usher in the Second Advent, they tend to sit on their hands and do nothing to stop it. Yikes! That is not what God had in mind for His Church! So now I have decided we need to create a Spirit-life module on eschatology which gives people a reason to get up in the morning and fight the good fight and believe in and participate in the increase of HIS government which shall HAVE NO END (Isa. 9:7).


In the essentials, unity. In non-essentials, diversity.

I accept the essentials as the facts that Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who alone provides the way of salvation. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16), and Jesus, working through the Holy Spirit, “opens the Scriptures to our understanding” (Lk. 24:32). The non-essentials can be the rest of our ever-changing, growing theology.

The Apostles’ Creed says we believe in hell, but doesn’t define what hell is. I didn’t even know there was more than one biblically-based view of hell! However, earlier this year the Academic Dean at YWAM in Kona handed me the book All You Want to Know About Hell by Steve Gregg. Steve’s 14-page Appendix provides a side-by-side biblical comparison of three views of hell (Traditionalism, Conditionalism and Restorationism). This was enough to convince me that we need to develop a Spirit-life module on hell, as our belief concerning hell has a profound impact on how we see and interact with life, the world and those around us.


We let YOU establish YOUR beliefs through Scripture and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

In each of our Spirit-life modules we ask you to listen to what God is saying to you and what He is asking you to do. You are not required to agree with me – just recognize the biblical reasons why God has asked you to stand where you are at, and do what He is asking you to do. We honor you with the freedom to establish your own ever-growing beliefs rather than telling you what you need to believe. No domination or control! The church where I was saved threatened me with excommunication if I chose to go to Bible College to study for the ministry, for as I said, they believed that study was wrong and you needed to be Spirit-led. So I dropped my membership before they could excommunicate me. Jesus offered His disciples the freedom to choose, “Do you want to leave also?” (Jn. 6:67)

If this is the kind of schooling you are looking for,

Look No Further!


It takes about one year for me to master ONE spiritual discipline.

My path has had its ups and downs, victories and defeats. I would like to make this path easier for you.

In 1979 I invested a year in learning to hear God’s voice, and discovered four simple keys which have led over a million people into communion with God. I have learned that even though it takes me a year of focused effort to understand and master a new skill, if God guides me in constructing good training materials, others can master in three months what it took me twelve months to learn. So I lay out my discoveries in three-month Spirit-life modules for you to explore. I also provide you access to a chat room where you can dialogue with me as a coach, which further speeds up your progress.


Review Ensures Mastery

I found that as I went on the road teaching weekend Communion with God seminars, I was constantly reviewing the principles God had taught me during 1979. I loved this review, as it kept calling me back into doing that which I wanted to do, so I didn’t circle Mt. Sinai endlessly and die in the wilderness!

Since review is powerful and your excitement at the end of each three-month Spirit-life module will be great, I encourage you to invite a few of your friends and acquaintances to explore with you the wonderful step of spiritual growth you have just taken, thus giving you a chance to reinforce the learning through review. Since the materials are on your computer, you only purchase them once and can go through them again for free, while simultaneously extending the kingdom by blessing your friends and acquaintances. At the same time you move forward taking another Spirit-life module in an area which God is asking you to master. So you are continually receiving life and giving life.

You recruit friends by asking the Lord who you know who could benefit from this module, and then sharing excitedly, “I just completed this Spirit-life module on (…state the title of module), and I learned how to (describe what you learned and share a couple of specific powerful stories which clearly illustrate the transforming impact upon your life). I am starting a group in just 3 weeks and I want to invite you to join and experience the amazing impact these Spirit-life training modules have too. You will not be disappointed. I will send you a link where you can try a lesson for free. I will contact you back in 3 days to answer any questions you may have.”

Your group can meet anywhere! They can meet weekly or biweekly in a home, office, church or by Skype, phone, email, or in an online chat room. So they can be your neighbors at 3000 miles distance.

Once you sign up as an affiliate you provide friends your affiliate link to purchase their modules. You will be accruing 25% of their purchases into an account for you.


A Diploma in Applied Spirituality awarded after 15 Spirit-Life Modules

My passion is to guide you quickly into the steps of mastery God has taken me through, so that you can stand on my shoulders and go further than I, extending the Kingdom as God leads you to. We currently offer 20+ life-changing modules, which came out of more than 18 years of growth in my life. As a passionate teacher, I hunger to bring together the best training God has provided to the Church at large, so I have read and drawn from many sources, always grounding everything in the Word, and trying it out in my own life first, thus ensuring it is practical enough to actually work. Finally, I insist all training draw one into interaction with the Holy Spirit, for Jesus said, “The flesh profits nothing” (Jn. 6:63).


Seven problems this approach solves

  1. Regardless of where you live you have at your fingertips excellent Spirit-anointed training.
  2. Three months allows you to focus intently, becoming an effective doer of the Word.
  3. Your review reinforces your training while simultaneously drawing others into Kingdom realities.
  4. Everything you are learning works, since it was birthed out of real life victories.
  5. Every course is 100% biblical, practical and spiritual ensuring you don’t waste time with ineffective or erroneous teachings or purely academic speculations! God focuses on the heart.
  6. You follow your heart’s passion, starting fresh with a new course every quarter.
  7. Since we offer an affiliate program, your commission for inviting four friends to join you covers the cost of your next training module. The same is true for them as they invite four of their friends to take courses after they have completed them.Together, we disciple nations!
Each module is available individually at only $99 or $197 each… or save $912 if you purchase the full set of  modules for a one-time price of only $1850 (includes church-wide broadcast rights)! Just click the appropriate button below to purchase the individual modules or the full set of 20+ modules.


Peoples’ lives are being transformed by these Spirit Life Modules

Photo of Lorraine O'Neal“I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years, but always struggled to hear God speak. I never heard anything! Since I discovered your teaching on hearing God’s voice, my relationship with the Lord has blossomed and grown more than I can describe. I am a teacher, so I want to explain things so other people ‘get it’. I knew that if I had struggled this much over the years to hear from God, others must have the same difficulty. I talked with our pastor and we developed a workshop called ‘Hearing the Voice of God.’ The participants are always wowed out and tell us their lives will never be the same. I’m thrilled that I get to participate in their God discoveries. So thanks be to God and to you for your impact on lives across the country! Lorraine O’Neal

Photo of Pastor Rick Wilson“I am enjoying my class very much… The best part is I am growing to know the Lord, not just know information about Him.

The class is life-changing… My wife and I are going through the video series together and she is noticing some changes in me after only 1 month. Thanks for allowing the Lord to teach you these hard lessons so that you could teach others. It is a much needed message to the body of Christ. I am looking forward to teaching this class to my church this fall.” Rev. Patrick Wilson, Pennsylvania

Photo of Conroy FamilyFirst, my wife and I really have been blessed by the material. Dialogue with God has revolutionized our walk with God. It has helped our walk to become what we always believed it should be like but we were simply not experiencing.

Thank you for your ministry and thank God for His faithfulness to speak to each one of His children. It has been a struggle but I feel as if I am coming to realize that God really does treat me as His favorite.” Stephen Conroy

Photo of Bill Dupley“The training on how to hear God’s voice has radically changed my ability to bring the kingdom to the mountain I am called to, which is business. I now live out of the voice of God all the time. While working as a Business Solution Manager for Hewlett-Packard, Canada, I used the voice of God for business strategic planning. Once, in a marketing meeting, where we were trying to develop a new marketing tag line that captured the value of a new solution we were bringing to market, we were stumped. So I journaled and the Lord gave me a marketing tag line. I told the team, they were amazed and said that was great, and it opened an entirely new approach for the team to work on. Thanks for teaching me this very practical method for hearing God’s voice. I have taught it to others all over the world. Bill Dupley, Ontario, Canada

Photo of Tarik Carey“The 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice training has helped me tremendously and really made me grow spiritually. I embrace it wholeheartedly and will recommend it unabashedly. I didn’t realize that it was so easy to hear God’s voice or to see visions or have dreams or to walk in the spirit or to be healed of deep emotional pain.

These teachings must be shared. I can’t keep these blessings to myself. They belong to the World. They belong to you. Tarik Carey, Kingston, Jamaica


How much is it worth to have revelation-based training at your fingertips?

Where else can you find such a unique opportunity? What other school has these kinds of testimonies from their students? (Click here for more student stories.) Is this not the training you long for? If so, then sign up today at the discounted price of ONLY $99 per module to receive all 18 Spirit Life Training Modules, and earn your Diploma in Applied Spirituality from Christian Leadership for U School of the Spirit.

Today is your day to experience God’s favor and anointing by learning to walk and live by the Spirit! We are ready to teach you, and the cost will not be the $38,000 tuition you would have to pay to receive one year of education at the college I graduated from. It is ONLY $1850, which includes all downloadable training materials from the best of our learning over the last 45 years of our lives. At 1/20th the cost, these courses will equip you to live a successful Christian life, and minister God’s grace and anointing effectively to others. The voice of God will be restored to the center of your Christian experience! How precious is that?

Our No Risk Guarantee – Experience “Lesson One” Absolutely FREE, right now!

Free Sample - Lesson One - Click Here - Experience it - Then Enroll

We provide Lesson One of the dynamic course Hearing God’s Voice free of charge so you can discover for yourself if it is some stuffy armchair theology or real, down-to-earth, practical, engaging, and life-transforming truth.

Isn’t this better than anything you imagined?

Now that you have experienced just one lesson from these Spirit Life modules, can you imagine what eighteen complete courses will do to your life?  You will be one or two years older whether you take these courses or not, so why not invest these months and experience the same spiritual transformation you have read about in the testimonies above? My daughter and I even co-host online chat rooms where you can post your questions and get answers. As you get started, you can share your journaling so we can confirm if you are on the right track and it is indeed God speaking to you. We will become personal coaches to you during these training experiences.

Each module is available individually at only $99 or $197 each… or save $912 if you purchase the full set of 18 core modules for a one-time price of only $1850 (includes church-wide broadcast rights)! Just click the appropriate button below to purchase the individual modules or the full set of 18 modules.


What you will receive when you enroll in the Diploma in Applied Spirituality Program

DiplomaFor each of the 18 Spirit Life modules you will receive:

  • An online course syllabus with clear, detailed weekly instructions
  • Hours of anointed training through MP3s and streaming/downloadable video
  • eBooks & eWorkbooks for thorough mastery
  • Online quizzes providing instant feedback, affirming you have mastered all key life-transforming elements
  • Printable Certificates of Completion as you finalize each course
  • A Diploma from CLU at the conclusion of 15 or more courses
  • Option to apply credits toward an undergraduate or graduate degree from CLU
  • Coaching – Access to 18 members-only forums where my daughter and I will answer your questions and be a sounding board for your journaling. Now this is a personal touch which speeds you on your way!

Don’t you think it’s time YOU team up and focus with a coach at your side so you speed forward and enter your Promised Land?

There is no easier way to grow than to get into a group of like-minded people, and focus intently, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and a coach who is ahead of you in the area you are pursuing. A cord of three is not quickly broken. You support one another through the training process and by “focusing intently,” you become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (Jas. 1:25). No one wants to die in their wilderness, so make sure you are taking the proper steps which will allow you to experience your promised land!


This is your opportunity to discover how to easily live and walk by the Spirit and to master Scriptures. You learn how to take daily walks with God in the Garden in the cool of the day, and fall in love with Him all over again, experiencing the rush that comes when He speaks into your heart. His words enliven and heal every area of your life. Really, what could be better? All 18 Spirit Life modules and a Diploma in Applied Spirituality from CLU for the unbelievably low price of ONLY $1850! Make today your day to step into divine favor and Holy Spirit power!

If you want to order a smaller bite, such as the Hearing God’s Voice Spirit Life module for $197, or a  series of 3 to 5 courses, those options are available here (scroll down to discover the option which suits you best).

Each module is available individually at only $99 or $197 each… or save $912 if you purchase the full set of 18 core modules for a one-time price of only $1850 (includes church-wide broadcast rights)! Just click the appropriate button below to purchase the individual modules or the full set of 18 modules.

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