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Can I Really Offer a “School of the Spirit” Through My Church?


Yes, you can! You don’t have to send your growing Christians off to a Bible school or a School of Ministry. You can live in any city, in any country, and still offer a Diploma in Applied Spirituality from Christian Leadership for U School of the Spirit!


CLU provides interactive Spirit Life Training Modules which feature fully downloadable video training experiences and online quizzes, direct to students’ laptop, tablet or smart phone. You can have your School of the Spirit with you wherever they are! They can work through these revelation-based learning modules with your church or small group!


Discover how you can start a School of Ministry at no cost!

 What Are the Benefits to Churches, Church-centered Bible Schools, Schools of Ministry or Home Groups Offering CLU’s Diploma in Applied Spirituality?

The following applies to churches or home groups who choose to sign an Articulation Agreement enabling them to offer to a group of people the Diploma in Applied Spirituality through CLU School of the Spirit (as described above). Download the Articulation Agreement here.

  1. A Turnkey DVD Training Solution
    This provides ease of use. Each student purchases the electronic Spirit Life Module(s). This provides them access to downloadable books, MP3s, streaming video and online quizzes, tests and grading. So administration is removed from the shoulders of the church or home group leader. Download a free file on How to Host a Successful School of the Spirit.
  1. Prestigious
    School of the Spirit issues a Diploma in Applied Spirituality, suitable for framing.
  2. Reasonable Length of Training Required
    Enough time to promote true life change, but not so long as to lose the student. This series of Spirit Life Modules contains 160 teaching segments, broken into 17 courses (plus 4 extra single topic DVDs). These can be done one course at a time and completed in approximately 3 years, or 2 courses at a time and completed in two years (with breaks). Class time is estimated at about 3 hours per week, and homework at about 1 hour per week, so students would be committing to only about 4 hours a week in order to complete all 18 core courses in 2 years.Since the Spirit Life Modules are so devotional in nature, the student can easily use some or all of their daily quiet times to complete this homework. Four hours a week is a workable amount of time for most growing Christians to invest in their spiritual development. It is not so much as to bog them down, but it is enough to effect real life change. Click here for sample 2 and 4 year schedules.


  3. Inexpensive, making top-notch training available to EVERY church
    Church purchases “Diploma in Applied Spirituality Pack (all currently listed training modules) with church-wide broadcast rights” for only $1850 which gives them full access to the electronic curriculum with ebooks, MP3, and streaming videos, and access for one student to complete their personal online quizzes and tests. The church has the right to run the purchased video to group(s) within their church or School of Ministry as many times as they want. Home group leaders would also purchase the $1850 package with the same rights and privileges. However the church or home group leader does not have permission to print copies of, or distribute electronic versions of, any of the materials. In addition, you will want to purchase at least one hard copy of the related materials using the 40% off discount coupon you will receive. This will bring the total start-up costs for your Bible school to approximately $3500!  This purchase cannot be made online, but only by made by calling our offices. Churches are welcome to add a tuition fee to the course costs. These monies can be used to pay their instructors and cover other costs.


    In addition, each diploma-seeking student in the class/group goes online and purchases their own Diploma pack for $1795. Alternatively, courses may be purchased one at a time, for $99 or $197 per course, or shorter sets of modules for the discounted prices listed above. This provides the student access to their own online electronic pack which includes eBooks, eLEARN Notebooks, MP3s, streaming video, quizzes and personal assessments, giving them their own personal library of training materials to review over and over and to use to teach from. Twenty-five percent of the money paid by students within your home group or your church for their eLearning courses (i.e. the $99, $197 or the $1795) will be remitted back to the church.

    Immediate family members living at the same address pay only $179 (rather than $1795) for all course training materials and their own online quizzes which can be applied toward their own CLU Diploma in Applied Spirituality. With the purchase of an electronic module, the student receives a coupon allowing them the option of adding to their purchase hard copies of any of the same course materials at a 40% discount.

    For the participant who does not want to earn a diploma or take quizzes, and just wants to complete a few courses, individual course materials can be purchased here.

    Students take all “closed book” tests online and receive immediate online scoring. This can be done from the students’ homes, and all testing, grading and tracking of grades is done on the School of the Spirit website and therefore not a burden to the local church.

  4. Flexible – able to be personalized by each church, group or ministry

    Church administrators will be able to communicate easily and directly with all students in their church group, as well as view their students’ progress on the completion of the online quizzes. Churches are welcome to offer their own courses as well as the SoTS courses. At graduation time, the church can notify SoTS with a list of all graduates who have completed the work to receive the Diploma in Applied Spirituality from School of the Spirit. We will confirm that all online quizzes are completed, then print diplomas and mail them together to the church administrator for the church to distribute to the students in a graduation service. Diplomas will be countersigned by both the local church pastor and SoTS. There is a graduation fee of $35 per student.

  5. A Turnkey Solution for your MISSIONS outreach training program
    If you are working with individuals or churches in developing nations, you may purchase this entire electronic diploma training program for them for only $1795. This allows you to very inexpensively raise up Christian workers and Bible schools in these nations.
How Do I Get Started?

Order the “Diploma in Applied Spirituality Electronic Pack (all currently listed training modules) with church-wide broadcast rights” for only $1850.

  • Purchase Online – Electronic Church Pack – Order Here
  • Order by Phone – You can purchase this electronic pack as well as the “add on” hard copies (at a 40% discount): 1.800.466.6961 (716.681.4896 outside US) Monday through Friday 9:00 – 5:00 EST.

Why Do Pastors Love the School of the Spirit?

This has been one of the greatest blessings and keys to growth to our church and ministry. From the beginning of our ministry we have offered the course Hearing the Voice of God to our church and also twice a year to our Daniel Company Internship of young adults. This course has laid the foundation for what we have done in our ministry to lead people into their own personal encounter with the Lord and has been the launching of our prophetic teams that have blessed thousands of people during our conferences. 

Recently we began our Bible School, Kingdom Training Institute, to prepare an army for the end time harvest. We are thrilled to discover the wealth of courses that have the same Spirit life and depth of what we have been blessed and experienced with Hearing the Voice of God.  

We now have different churches in our network moving forward with the same vision to equip and train with the Diploma program, which has been a simple and easy way to give people opportunity and vision to gain greater training. We have implemented these courses in home groups, ladies studies, church gatherings and now outreach to community. These courses provide deep Spirit encounter and revelation which has impacted the very core and heart of our people and brought healing and spiritual transformation.

I believe we will see a great sweep of revival that will touch the nations of the Lord through people encountering His life and spiritual training as we disciple nations!

Rev. Cathryn Nash

For a while we have been meaning to write you and express our deep gratitude for the way in which you have impacted and still impact people in our lives. We have recommended your online school to several of our spiritual sons who are also graduates from the SoM in Toronto, and they have all been greatly impacted by your ministry. Several people in our church are also taking your courses online and they are all giving us great reports. We make it a priority that people in our church who want to pursue ministry take your courses.

Thank you for your kindness to them all. We hear how you help them and bless them so they can do it. Thank you also for the great tools you are giving them. We especially highly recommend that all our interns continue their education with you as they do their internship and some of them have continued it after the internship ended.

We have used your tools in our churches (past and present) for over 20 years and they always take people to a higher level. Thank you for your great investment in the Kingdom. We want you to know that it is bringing great dividends to our Father. May God’s greatest riches and rewards come in an increased measure to you and our house.

Ivan & Isabel Allum

Forest City Destiny Church

“Most, if not all the people taking advantage of the program are absolutely blown away by the impact these courses are having on their lives. A retired pastor told me his wife is “stoked” about the two modules these ladies are doing and that she can’t wait for Thursdays when they meet.

I do not think this is due just to the courses, but it is also due to the communal atmosphere which has naturally been created by them. People need “direction” into a community atmosphere today more than ever before. Times are coming where we will need this. It is my hope and prayer that through these modules, presented in church and home settings all over the globe that people will look forward to meeting together and experiencing the joy of  the Holy Spirit.”  

Doni took about 14 women through Hearing God’s Voice. The result was so impactful they are asking to continue with other courses. She led them through Dream Interpretation and although they quickly completed the DVDs they are continuing to meet and share their dreams. From all this, a very anointed woman from our congregation has stepped up to take this ministry to women. They are now discussing which of the learning modules to take next. I really like calling them modules instead of classes; In fact calling them “life modules” is most appropriate since they are definitely changing lives with the end result that they are changing the church.

I use the word church school since many of the women are from other churches in the area, many of which have no pastor or they do not believe in the gifts of the Spirit. This is an awesome tool for our Lord to use in His Body! Also, although I initially had many folks who stated they were interested in the College, I have only had one student sign up. Thus, it would seem the Diploma Program is much more effective in opening the minds and hearts of believers in this valley. It may be due to the “community/group” aspect of the Diploma Program. In any case, one of the prime benefits as I see it is the “Legacy” we leave.  If I die today, the Diploma Program can continue without too much trouble and the Body can continue to grow and be enlightened. 

Pastors need to know these courses can lighten their workload and strengthen their Church. 

Blessings – Joel

Rev. Joel Trenkle



Three Months of Revelation-Based, Intentional Focus Provides the Best Opportunity for Our Students to Experience a Rich Harvest


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