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Thank you for enrolling in School of the Spirit. (Returning students click here to jump to your course list.)

Please take a moment to read this page carefully, as it contains everything you need to get started.

Next Steps After Enrollment

    1. See what you own. The courses you are registered for are listed in the table below. Just click on the title of the course you want to work on.
    2. Download what you own. Once you do that, you are taken to the main page of the course you want to work on. You should first carefully read that main page and download the electronic materials that are provided there.
    3. Start your first lesson. To begin working on a course, click on the name of Lesson 1 in the “Course Content” table at the bottom of that main page of the course.
    4. Completed Lessons Turn Green. After you follow all the directions for a lesson, the status of that lesson or quiz will change to a green box with a check mark. This makes it easy for you to continue where you left off each time you come back to your course. From the first, main page of the course, simply click on the name of the first lesson that does not have a green check box and you will be taken to the next lesson you must complete.
  • We recommend you bookmark this Welcome page or add it to your Favorites for easy access (and when you return, you should find that you’re still logged in).
    • If you need instructions for adding a “Bookmark” or “Favorite” for the Welcome page:
      Press CTRL-D on your keyboard, type in a short name you’ll remember the link by, and then in the dropdown box you can choose “Favorites Bar” or “Bookmarks Bar” if you want it to appear in your browser immediately below the address bar.
  • If you enrolled during a special promotion, you can view and download any free bonuses by clicking here.
  • Use the menu on the right to learn more about what we offer and to enroll in any individual course or program.
  • Tutorial: Learn how to use the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud to manage your course material and simplify your life!
  • The way your name appears in the “Profile” table below is how it will be shown on your certificates of completion. If you wish to make any changes, modify it by editing your profile here. (Please note that your information is stored separately, and therefore must be updated separately, in a shopping cart account here, and a site profile here.)
  • To view your progress for a course or print your certificate of completion, click the triangle to the left of the course title in the table below, and then click on the certificate icon next to the final quiz.
  • Trouble logging in? Click here to have your username emailed to you along with a password reset link. (If you do not receive the password reset email, check your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folders. If it’s not there, contact webmaster@cluonline.com.)

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